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Lightweight, automated and serverless – PureSec is the leading end-to-end security solution for securing serverless applications. Automated policy creation and enforcement that integrates seamlessly throughout the development lifecycle and protects your applications in runtime.


  • Serverless asset inventory and unparalleled real time threat visibility
  • Risk management and security posture analysis
  • Serverless-focused static analysis for detection and mitigation of weaknesses, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations during development
  • Serverless application firewall capable of detecting and stopping event-data injection attacks such as: SQL injection, Cross-Site-Scripting, External XML entities, Runtime code injection, Local file include and Command injections
  • ML based behavioral protection capable of detecting and preventing malicious behavior such as data leakage through outbound network connections, execution of malicious processes, unauthorized access to the file-system
  • Integration with SIEM systems and data analysis platforms such as Splunk