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What is SSP?

Security, Built for Serverless Architectures

Our Serverless Security Platform safeguards your serverless applications at all times, from known and unknown threats.

service function behavioral protection

Serverless Function Behavioral Protection

Our proprietary behavioral protection engine provides a trusted serverless computing environment for your functions. It is an intelligent security layer between your serverless application and the underlying platform, which detects and blocks any attempts to subvert function logic or perform malicious actions. 

Serverless APPLICATION Firewall

Detects and blocks application layer attacks at the function event-data layer with unparalleled accuracy and performance. Our proprietary detection engine is protocol and environment-agnostic and can inspect any kind of input format or function event trigger types such as: Pub/Sub Messaging, Cloud Storage, NoSQL DBs, APIs, and so on.


Serverless Function - Centric Protection

Designed and built specifically for serverless architectures, our technology provides the most suitable end-to-end security protection for your serverless applications, no matter where they run – on AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions or IBM Cloud Functions.

In addition to providing the most robust runtime protection, our solution integrates seamlessly into your serverless CI/CD process. During build time, serverless code and configuration files are scanned in order to make sure that you always deploy robust applications from the get-go.

Enabling Secure and Reliable
Serverless Applications on the
most popular platforms

Providing integrations with
popular frameworks and tools

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